Our Endodontic Services:
Cracked Teeth

Everyone has cracks in their teeth. The severity can differ depending on the amount of trauma teeth endure. Habits such as clenching, grinding or chewing on hard objects can make teeth more prone to cracking. Dr. Brandal has special tools that help her diagnose cracks in teeth.

Symptoms of a cracked tooth are:

  • Intermittent pain when chewing.
  • Pain with the release of biting pressure.
  • Pain when exposed to extreme hot or cold.

If you experience any of these symptoms it is best to see your dentist immediately.

Here are some steps to help prevent cracked teeth:

  • Do not chew on ice, pens, hard candy or other hard objects.
  • Wear a mouth guard if you play sports.
  • If you clench or grind your teeth you may want to talk to your dentist about a getting a mouth guard.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment.