Our Endodontic Services:
Nonsurgical Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy involves the removal of the infected or inflamed nerve, cleans the inside of the canals and properly fills and seals the canal space. (Click on the images below)

A Root Canal is needed when the nerve inside the tooth dies or becomes very inflamed. The root canal is done under local anesthetic and in many cases is no more painful than getting a filling from your dentist. Once the tooth is numb, a rubber dam is placed over the tooth. The doctor will access the canals through a small hole that is made in the top of the tooth. Small hand files are used to gently clean and shape the canals. After the canals are cleaned, a root canal filling, called gutta percha, is placed in the canal space. Gutta percha is a rubber like material that is very biocompatible. A sealer is used with the gutta percha to ensure that the canals are well sealed.

After the root canal is complete, a temporary filling is placed in the access. You will then return to your general dentist for the final restoration of the tooth. One year after your root canal is completed we will send you a postcard to come in for a quick exam to make sure the tooth has healed.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment.