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Endodontist Seattle

Endodontist Seattle

Our Endodontic Services:
Advanced Technology

With advancements in technology, we are able to treat difficult cases with greater success. Below are a few of the state-of-the-art tools used in our office:

The microscope is used to aid Dr. Brandal in seeing the inside of the tooth. It is helpful in finding calcified canals, making sure the canals are clean prior to filling, aiding in the removal of broken instruments and seeing root fractures.

Digital x-rays
Digital x-ray systems have been in use for a little over twenty years. Our office has incorporated their use since 1995. Digital x-rays are a benefit because there is a 90% reduction in radiation for our patients. Images show up instantly on the screen which saves time. Dr. Brandal is also able to enhance the x-rays with this system which helps her in the treatment of the tooth.

Rotary Files
These files are used with an electric hand piece to aid in the cleaning and shaping of challenging cases. With the flexibility of the nickel titanium files, we are able to treat teeth that have curvy canals and long roots. By using the rotary files, it benefits our patients by saving time and being able to reach difficult areas of the mouth with greater ease.

This small hand piece is used for removing obstructions in the canals such as posts, dental restorations, broken instruments and pulp stones. It is also used during our surgical root canal therapy to create a clean space for the filling material at the tip of the root.

Fiberoptic Lights
The bright light of the fiberoptic is useful for looking for cracks in teeth

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