Our Endodontic Services:
Surgical Root Canal Therapy

Surgical Root Canal Therapy, also known as an apicoectomy, is performed when non surgical root canal therapy was unsuccessful.

Some reasons for a surgical approach are:

  • Canals are inaccessible from the crown of the tooth.
  • Previous root canal therapy has failed to heal.
  • Diagnosis of a crack that cannot be seen on a x-ray or from the crown of the tooth.
  • Treatment and repair of root surface and damaged bone.

An Apicoectomy is done under local anesthesia. Dr. Brandal will retract the gum tissue near the tooth, and any inflamed or infected tissue that is around the tip of the root is removed. Once the tissue is cleaned out the root is shortened and a small filling is placed in the end of the canal. A few stitches are used to help hold the gum in place. A week after the surgery you will return to our office to have the stitches removed and the surgical site is checked to make sure everything is healing properly. If the Apicoectomy is a success the bone will fill in around the tooth. A year after your surgery, we will send you a postcard to come into our office for a quick exam to make sure everything is healing properly.

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